Thursday, January 22, 2009

Our Former President!

I must admit that I did not watch the Inauguration of President Obama. I can't imagine what an exciting time it is for his family. I still have my reservations about him, but I do hope that he will make the best decisions for our country. I will pray for wisdom for him and protection for his precious little girls. That evening on the news I did see some things that truly offended me, though. It had nothing to do with him, but it was about our former President George W. Bush! I think that it is awesome that he and Laura our moving to the Dallas area! What the news showed pictures of, were people protesting him moving to the area. They were holding signs of him behind bars, with the statement, "I have a dream" and "I don't want war criminals in my neighborhood". That is just WRONG! I am amazed at how quickly people forget the good things that he did and what he brought us through. I did watch part of his speech. Sure I may not agree with EVERYTHING he did, but he was right when he said that we haven't been attacked in 7 years! He was strong during 9/11 and was amazing during that unbelievable point in our nations history! But how quickly those people have forgotten that!!! Shame on them! Yes, he made mistakes! We all make mistakes. I believe that he had our country's best interest at heart. I wish that the media would quit giving those protesters air time. They don't deserve it! I am thankful that we had a president who loved the Lord! We was NOT a bad president and I am tired of people saying that he was!