Friday, January 23, 2009

Oh the Joys of Potty Training!

Well, we have started potty training Landri. I have not worried about doing it. I just wanted to make sure we had time to do it. She's is so funny though. I bought her the cutest potty chair. It looks like a toilet, it has a lid, a handle that actually teaches them to flush, and a place to hang toilet paper. The best part is that it sings to her when she goes tee-tee. I thought she would really like it, and she did. But here are a few things that have happened since we brought it home.

1. She did potty in it great, BUT...then she played in it! GROSS!!!!!

2. After asking her several times if she needed to go potty and her saying NO, she goes and hides in my pantry and tee-tees a BIG puddle on the tile floor. (But, after that, she used her new potty the rest of the day.)

3. This morning after asking her several times if she needed to go potty and AGAIN her saying NO, she goes into Lainie's room and poopoos on the floor behind her bed! GROSSSSSSSSS!

I decided to make her sit on the potty for a while, and she does this...

Oh well, I should have given her a book to read. Life with Landri is never dull. I love it! I wouldn't trade it for the world! She makes me laugh, cry, smile, name it! I just hope this doesn't take very long, because I am tired of buying 2 sets of diapers. The only thing is now I'll be making many trips to public restrooms. I may have to buy stock in hand sanitizer!

I'll keep you posted on our daily trials of potty training!!!


Herrera Bunch said...

The joys of parenthood! LOL, Another good thing to get when using a public r.r is the little lysol to go. So that you can spray everything b4.