Thursday, December 11, 2008

My little Landri!

Landri is constantly making me smile, laugh, pull my hair out and raise my voice. She is such a two year old!!!!! Yesterday, though, was something else. I think she was bored, because she was in to EVERYTHING!!!! Literally!!!!! She gets into my purse and eats my gum. She gets into the markers and decides to write on herself, or as she calls it..."I cuyered, Mommy!" To top it off though, while I am on the computer, she comes in and says...."Mommy, I eat keys!!!" I am trying not to freak out and I calmly ask her to show me what she ate. So, she brings me a 1 pound block of Kraft American cheese that she had bitten a hole through the wrapper and started eating. Whew! Thank goodness it wasn't keys! Had it not been so unbelieveably cute...I would have gotten on to her for taking bites out of this large block of cheese.

Anyway...this is a short post today, because I have more on my plate today than I can manage. I just wanted to share some of Landri's little moments! Plus, I have BUNCO tonight!! It's MOMMY NIGHT!!!!!