Sunday, October 12, 2008


Well, we made it through one crazy weekend. If we can just make it through the next weekend, we'll be doing FANTASTIC!!! Josh had a seminar all weekend, so I was on my own getting kids to cheerleading, football, piano and baseball! Saturday went great, thanks to my awesome babysitter and wonderful brother-in-law!! I got all the kids ready this morning, and we were only 20 minutes late to Sunday school. (Not bad for being on my own.) Needless to say, when Josh is here, we are not that late. We didn't have any meltdowns and my children were cooperative AND helpful!!!!! I was so proud!

I love being at church! It's definitely a refueling time for me. I need it and am totally thankful that we have a loving church and an awesome pastor!!! I love being involved there and I love the opportunities I have to serve. Our pastor's sermon today was awesome. I am hoping that I can remember the main points, but I'm tired and my brain isn't working at 100%. However, I really felt him step on my toes and I got convicted of some things. It made me think of how as a Christian, my life should be different. I became a new person and my actions should show that! I shouldn't be afraid to tell others about Jesus. My heart wants to ask everyone I meet if they know Jesus, but my mind brings in the doubt and fear. I am afraid that I won't be able to answer all of someone's questions or skepticism. I am afraid of offending someone. I shouldn't be, because it's not of God. I may not be wise when it comes to quoting scripture and knowing all of the bible stories, but I DO KNOW what Jesus has done for me and how it has changed my life and my desires. I prayed today, that God would present an opportunity for me to invite someone to church, and that I would recognize the opportunity and not be afraid to seize it! I do want God to use me. I want people to know how much I love Him. I want them to want what I have. I want them to see Jesus in me! Not for my glory, but for HIS!!! I want them to experience this incredible JOY!!! I may mess up everyday! I know that I will sin tomorrow, because I am human and I make mistakes. However, when I do, I know that I can go to God and ask for forgiveness and know that I have been truly forgiven! I know that I must try not to make those mistakes again. I also have four little sets of eyes that see my actions everyday, and four little hearts to protect. I want my children to know that their Mommy and Daddy love Jesus with all of their heart and soul, so that they may make the same decision. What an incredible responsibility Josh and I have been given!!

This is what has been on my heart today. May God bless each one of you that reads this!!