Monday, October 27, 2008

Kimberly Daniels is RIGHT ON!!!!!

I found this online today, and it's amazing to hear this woman speak. More people need to hear what she has to say! We need to be on our knees this week about the election!!! Please pass this on!!! People need to vote based on the moral and ethical issues. God will get us through these hard times if we trust and believe in Him! People shouldn't vote based on color. They need to listen to the heart of the message and not be deceived, because Obama is a smooth talker! He is dangerous!

Voters Guide & Kimberly Daniels letter

Please read Kimberly Daniels letter

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White Christians can't say this - and black preachers won't touch the issue.
But it's time black Christians faced the reality about Barack Obama's
dangerous moral values.

by Kimberly Daniels

As a child in the 1960s I rode in the back of the bus. I was at the front of
the riot lines in the 1970s, when I hit white boys on the head with bricks
and dragged white girls down sidewalks near my school. I also experienced
serious racism when I was an athlete in college.

I have been called the "N" word many times. I was taught to hate white
people, and some of my relatives still call white people names such as
"honky" and "cracker." But after I found Jesus, I was delivered from racism.
I am free indeed!

"Regardless of political opinions, the Bible makes it clear: Those who
support the homosexual agenda and the murder of unborn babies will be

The residue of my abuse has dried up at the root, and I am no longer a
victim of what I call "ricochet racism." This occurs when the abused becomes
the abuser.

Ricochet racism is a hellacious boomerang that grips the victim with pride
and makes him think he has a right to hate. When I was saved, God taught me
that I did not have a right to hate white people. Jesus nailed all my
excuses to the cross, and I moved on.

Now that I am a born-again Christian, I do not consider my race to be my
primary identity. I am a Christian first-before I am an African-American, a
Democrat or a Republican. That's why I am troubled that so many
African-American Christians are voting for Barack Obama simply because he is

If someone won't vote for a person because of race, we call this racism. But
it is also racism when someone votes for a person because of his race!

Believe me, I would love to see a black brother in the White House-but not
someone like Obama, who has embraced humanistic doctrines. Many white
preachers are afraid to say this, and many black preachers won't touch it
with a 10-foot pole.

I pray for Obama and his family. But as Elijah troubled Ahab in
Israel, I will challenge his views because they are dangerous to our
religious liberties. It's time to draw the line.

Black Christians today need to put their faith first when they step into the
voting booth. Does Obama represent godly values?

We know, for example, that he is an inclusionist. For 20 years he attended a
church in Chicago that preaches that (1) Jesus is not the only way to God;
(2) there is no hell; and (3) God will allow homosexuals to go to heaven
even if they remain in their sinful state. Obama also has defended the
killing of unborn babies, even in the third trimester.

He claims to be a Christian, but in his book The Audacity of Hope he calls
the first chapter of Romans an "obscure" passage of Scripture. God's
admonition about the sin of homosexuality is hardly obscure. It is very

Jesus is the only way to God, and God will surely send homosexuals to hell
if they do not turn from their ways and accept Christ-just as He will do for
all other sinners who do not trust Jesus.

Regardless of political opinions, the Bible makes it clear: Those who
support the homosexual agenda and the murder of unborn babies will be judged
(see Rom. 1:32). These were the main issues in the days of ancient Israel,
and they are critical issues today.

The pro-abortion movement is tied to the worship of two idols, Chemosh and
Molech, the gods of child sacrifice. The movement toward gay marriage is
rooted in the spirit of gameo, a Greek word that refers to same-sex marriage
(see Matt. 24:38).

How can we vote for politicians who favor these ungodly movements? The Bible
says we must separate ourselves from sin and wickedness. God is looking for
faithful Christians who will not bow to the gods of this world.

I know what I am saying is not popular, and some people will denounce me for
it. But I believe it is time to draw a line.

Believers can no longer make excuses by pulling their race cards, leaning on
their lukewarm denominational rules or hiding under the covering of a
political party. If we want America to recover, we must repent. We must
choose the right side.

We must stand strong for what we believe and hold our ground. We must
declare, as Joshua did, "Whoever is on God's side ... stand with me!"

Kimberly Daniels is the founder of Spoken Word Ministries in Jacksonville,
Fla., and author of several books including her new release, Inside Out